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Digital disruption is one of the core challenges in today’s market: traditional revenue streams are becoming less important and sustainable growth requires a new operating model.

Leading the Way

DevLabs sets the course for this: We support companies step by step in their digital transformation. Our approach integrates digital expertise, state-of-the-art technologies and customer-centric solutions. This enables our customers to introduce a new, more connected operating model in their organization. The goal: relevant customer experiences, more intensive collaboration between internal groups and external partners, and of course sustainable growth.

Going to Work for You

The outsourcing of operational functions can be designed on a broadly individual basis: application-oriented, single service-oriented, takeover of entire business processes, nearshoring (outsourcing to nearby foreign countries, usually Eastern Europe), offshoring (e.g. to Asia, South America), onshoring (the outsourced business unit is operated regionally or on the premises of the outsourcing company), shared services (identical/similar processes in various company departments are handled centrally by a shared service center).

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Key Benefits of the Service

Business process outsourcing offers companies of all sizes numerous advantages. Both complex business processes and standardized processes can be outsourced cost-effectively to external service providers. The following benefits show why companies should consider outsourcing individual services:

  • cost reduction
  • quality increase
  • increase in effectiveness
  • flexibility
  • risk reduction

Qualified and motivated employees are a special competitive advantage that is difficult to copy – a quality that is worth more than ever in today’s fast-moving global markets.

A successful technical support team requires people with an aptitude for technology, clear communication skills, and the creativity to understand and address customer concerns without being present in-person. Our team of German and English speaking experts are availabel 24 x 7.

From cost reduction to revenue growth, from operational efficiency to value creation, today’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays a key role in executing corporate strategy while performing traditional duties. As a result, it is imperative for the CFO’s office to underpin its operations with next-generation finance and accounting (F&A) levers to support business growth.

The increased use of the Internet and smartphones is also increasingly changing the consumer behavior of users. With increasing digitization of channels, customers are better informed than ever before and therefore more difficult to capture. To evaluate, and understand consumer behavior digitally as well, today’s marketer must form precisely targeted segments and create a dedicated strategy.

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