Helping clients growing with skilled software engineers

Client exclusive teams
transparent and simple!

Through our selective and thoughtful recruitment process, we’re able to incorporate the most talented software developers within your workforce – our team working as part of your existing team through integrated collaboration.

Leading the Way

Too many companies leave money on the table in their core businesses. Our development center is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina the smartest choice for European companies looking to outsource their software development needs.

Going to Work for You

Some companies hit a wall in their current recruitment of skilled software engineers to successfully fulfill their promises. Agile methodologies, no change in the time-zone, experience in distributed development plus English fluency allow us to work as an extension of your company. We develop code that work for our clients. Our approach and results are highly customized and lead to successful projects.

Key Benefits of the Service

Different from traditional outsourcing methods this model allows you to own a development team near-shore. The main reasons for hiring a client exclusive team are:

  • pay as you grow with zero invest
  • reach skilled experts, instantly
  • transparent pricing (developer salary + tax + our fee)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the EU timezone
  • rapid startup of the project
  • opportunity to hire staff later

We share a similar western culture and values and have EU educated managers. DevLabs is owned by an Austrian private investor.

50% and more savings in labor fees alone compared to other countries.

10-25% savings compared to working with competitors in other Eastern European locations.

Based on the open-minded strategy of our Austrian owners we are maintaining a long-term strategy towards companies from different countries in Europe. Our employees have excellent written and spoken English.

Adaptation to your company policies and standards and acquisition of domain knowledge of your products and services – your nearshore team will function as an integral part of your company.

Herwart Wermescher
Herwart Wermescher

I’ll help you start the right way with a customized plan to get your business moving forward.